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Armoire Modifications 

Before Armoire 1_edited.jpg
After Armoire 1.JPG

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If your hotel still has bulky and unseemly armoires in guestrooms there’s no excuse to keep them any longer. Early on, Furniture Services championed ways to convert armoires quickly and easily to accomodate flat screen TV's, rooms are put back in service the very same day. We’ll remove the top section and refinish it like new.

Efficient And Cost Effective

Furniture Services offers a full range of restoration services for the hospitality industry. We refinish in the room with no mess or odor and eliminate the burden of having to move or ship the pieces. This ensures that your furniture won't be damaged during transportation, and is more cost effective. Our work areas are kept clean and when we leave, they look as neat as when we arrived.


Flexible And Courteous Craftsmen

Our employees are courteous and respectful to both hotel staff and patrons. We recognize that your guests are on vacation or conducting business and we take every precaution not to disrupt their stay in any way. We are comfortable working alongside other tradesmen during full renovations. If you happen to be under time constraints, we can accommodate your needs with a crew large enough to complete the job on schedule. Everyone from the on-the-job technician to the owner is available to meet your needs. Each of our highly trained and skilled technicians is fully insured.

Request a Job Estimate

Furniture Services Inc. is committed to providing your company with superior hospitality restoration services at highly competitive rates. Allow us to provide your company with a job estimate, or answer any questions you may have about how we work today. It's quick and easy.


The Furniture Services approach to serving the hospitality industry is to work with the least amount of impact and disturbance to your customers or business. We do all of the work in the room and in plenty of time for you to turn the room around in the same day. When we leave the finished room it is re-sell-able in 3 to 4 hours. No downtime, mess, or additional clean-up is needed. Take a look at the typical job flow when working with Furniture Services.


Out With The Old

On a typical modification job, we remove all the old residue and marks from the wood with a commercial grade cleaner. This helps the new finish adhere better, look better, and last longer. If there are gouges, we can fill them in with a special wood filler or sand them as needed. Then we cut down the Armoire top to the agreed size and re invent it into something modern, trendy and visually stunning.


Matching Your Furniture

The next step is to attach the new top to your new furniture. After we mix a stain and or toner, a combination of colors and lacquer, to match your specific furniture. In most cases, the products we use will not cover up the grain, preserving the wood's natural beauty.

Preserving And Protecting Your Investment

Finally, a clear coat of lacquer is applied to protect the finish and make it look like new. While we guarantee our work for two years, the newly applied finish is highly durable and will last much longer than most factory applied finishes. The average room can be restored in one to two hours and will be dry, ready to sell in approximately three hours after that!

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