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  Robert Roden, (seen above) the founder and owner of Furniture Services Company, has over 40 years of wood working experience, first laying his hands on the tools of the trade in the 1978.  He has trail blazed the Hotel Furniture Restoration industry for the Continental Untied States. Passing down his knowledge, he has trained the most skilled, proficient and precise furniture technicians available. Robert created Furniture Services Company in 1980 in Atlanta GA and has been bringing  jobs to the community and savings to the industry ever since.

 Furniture Services Company has served the Hospitality industry with affordable furniture restoration services. Our impeccable work standard and commitment to quality is reflected in our long list of reputable clients including Hilton, Marriott, Choice, Holiday Inn and many more. Rely on Furniture Services Company for your next multi-room restoration.

High Quality Standards


The Economical Solution


Refurnishing an entire facility would be very costly. What many hotel managers don’t realize is that by restoring furniture you get the same results for less than 20% of the investment. Find out why so many hospitality related businesses are choosing Furniture Services Company to save money. 


  The company’s success is due to our ingrained work ethic and the ability to help each hotel achieve its inspection goals.  Furniture once destined for replacement, now has a significantly extended useful life through re-purposing and refinishing… you can help keep millions of tons of waste out of landfills every year. As well as save your Hotel huge amounts of capitol.

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